“There are no dream matches, it’s all reality”- Samoa Joe lists down the opponents he wants to face


Samoa Joe dismissed the notion of dream matches and stated that it is all going to be a reality. He mentioned a list of opponents that he wants to face.

In an interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe&Wrestling, The Samoan Submission Machine was asked about facing Tommaso Ciampa and if he has any dream matches in mind. Joe dismissed the notion of dream matches and stated all of them will be real.

He mentioned the names Ciampa, WALTER, Pete Dunne, and Roderick Strong stating they are ready and he will face them.

“You know, at this point, there are no dream matches, it’s all reality matches. I’m on the cusp of it right now. You talk about Ciampa, Ciampa is right here, he is ready; if you talk about Pete Dunne, Pete Dunne is ready; WALTER, he is ready; Roderick Strong, he is ready.”, Samoa Joe said.

He further added that with the level of competition in NXT, these matches are inevitable.

“Let’s stop the dream match talking. A dream match is something that you hope will happen one day [but] these are all gonna go down. It’s inevitable. With the level of competition in NXT, the guys want to prove themselves. When I walk into the locker room, there’s like a bunch of dudes sitting there and rubbing their hands. They understand the opportunity that’s right in front of them and they are ready to take advantage of it. Hey, I’m ready too, so it should be a lot of fun.”

Samoa Joe on his current NXT run compared to previous ones

On his in-ring return to NXT, Samoa Joe captured the NXT championship from Karrion Kross at Takeover 36, for a record third time.

Further in the interview, Joe was asked to state the differences between his current NXT run and the previous ones.

“Yes, the biggest one is that we are not doing too many shows for obvious reasons so I am a little less active. Obviously I would love to be a little more active, safety permitting, but you there are completely different faces. Even when I came back to NXT, the first two times, there were still a lot of familiar faces around and now there’s genuinely a lot of people that I don’t have any experience with, the majority of the roster; little bit younger, little bit newer, just kind of coming into their own so it is kind of new environment for me.”, Samoa Joe added.

You can watch the entire interview with Samoa Joe below:

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