6 Things WWE Subtly told us on SmackDown: Popular Character to return after 2 years to face Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, Possible spoiler on Edge vs Seth Rollins match

Welcome to this week’s edition of things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown. It’s yet another week, and Naomi still can’t get her match on SmackDown:

The Boogs Cruise has been running wild as Rick Boogs registered a massive win on SmackDown in a singles match against Dolph Ziggler. A lot took place this week on SmackDown, making it an incredibly fruitful two-hour episode.

Here is what WWE subtly told us on Friday Night SmackDown.

#6 Roman Reigns’ SmackDown challenge and what awaits him

In a rare Universal title defense on free television, Roman Reigns put his title on the line against Finn Balor in the main event of SmackDown. That was the central story, but a lot was going on.

Let’s go back to the early part of the show. Kayla Braxton was interviewing Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesnar’s theme song seemed to play. It was the ringtone on his phone, and the indication was that Lesnar was the one who called him.

It was revealed The Beast Incarnate would be present next week on SmackDown in the famous Madison Square Garden.

While Kayla Braxton was being annoying, Heyman bumped into a janitor before trying to berate them.

As it turns out, it was Men’s Money in the Bank winner Big E who was dressed as a janitor, hearing everything that just took place. That might be something to note later on.

Secondly, Paul Heyman addressed the issue of Brock Lesnar with Roman Reigns, who told him that The Beast Incarnate wasn’t his problem. However, Roman Reigns’ facial expression changed when Paul Heyman told him that Brock Lesnar will be on SmackDown next week.

Reigns speculated about whether Brock Lesnar was in the arena at Jacksonville. Given how he keeps getting interrupted after his title victories, we don’t blame him for thinking so.

Now, to the main event. Finn Balor was attacked beforehand by The Usos, making the already-uphill battle an even more daunting task. It was a solid match between Reigns and Balor, with The Tribal Chief barely kicking out of the Coupe De Grace.

Roman Reigns made Finn Balor pass out with the guillotine, but their rivalry isn’t over. After the match, as Roman Reigns was walking away from the ring triumphantly, a red flash momentarily appeared, catching him off guard.

This seemed to indicate that we could see “Demon” Balor for the first time in 2 years and 3 months. The Demon Balor will likely return to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title at Extreme Rules 2021.

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