WWE SmackDown – 5 Possible surprises- Major title change, Roman Reigns joined by a new family member, Becky Lynch destroys underdog

SmackDown has been on fire in the recent past. The numbers have been solid, and viewers often agree that it’s the most palatable WWE brand of the modern era, at least.

We heard towards yet another exciting SmackDown episode where so many questions remain for us, the viewers at home. What are Brock Lesnar’s intentions? What motives does Becky Lynch have? Does Finn Balor have it in him to change the WWE landscape?

So here are some surprises that could certainly shake things up within the WWE SmackDown roster. The question is whether any of them could potentially transpire on Friday.

#5 The SmackDown audience witnesses a major title change

It’s safe to say that Shotzi and Nox definitely deserve a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, considering how dominant they have been. Unfortunately, Natalya and Tamina Snuka, for no fault of their own, haven’t really been portrayed as strongly as two Champions should be. Could we see the titles change hands during this episode after a competitive contest?

It’s always a good idea to see two babyfaces pick up a big win, and the SmackDown crowd is certain to lap it up because it freshens a dead division.

It is clear that not a lot of thought goes into booking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, so at present, this is probably the best we’re going to get, honestly! Plus, if they pick up the titles, then SmackDown stars Zelina Vega and Carmella could benefit from working with them.

The SmackDown Women’s division is loaded with talent, and in time, maybe even Liv Morgan and Toni Storm could enter the mix. The key is not to repeat the same matches over and over again until they become stale.

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