Vince McMahon told Roman Reigns to not touch WWE legend in the ring


WWE star Roman Reigns was not allowed to touch Ric Flair at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in 2019 as Vince McMahon barred the two-time Hall of Famer from taking any bumps in the ring.

While speaking to former WWE interviewer and commentator Renee Paquette, Ric Flair stated that he was ready to take bumps when Vince McMahon called him to take part at Crown Jewel. Flair stated on the Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette that he understood Vince McMahon’s diktat, but was ready to be physical in the ring.

“When Vince [McMahon] called me and asked me to go to Saudi Arabia, I worked out like I was going to Saudi Arabia to wrestle, right? The doctor said, ‘You can get knocked down, you can do anything you want. Few things you’re not supposed to do’ but fear is I got that [pacemaker] taken out. The longer it’s in, the more muscle where it’s protected, right? So Roman [Reigns] made this big comeback and I got up to feed Roman, but Vince had told him, ‘Absolutely hands off.’ I understand it but like I said, what a way to go, right?” said Ric Flair. (H/T Post Wrestling)


Team Flair faced Team Hogan in a five-on-five match at Crown Jewel 2019. Hogan’s team was led by Reigns, who got his team the win in the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view.

Ric Flair’s recent years in WWE

Ric Flair’s second stint with WWE ended last year as some business disagreements led to him asking for his release from the company. Flair has asserted that he still has a good relationship with WWE as well as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Flair’s last involvement in a storyline in WWE saw him take Lacey Evans’ side, who was in a feud with his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

Flair has been involved in storylines featuring Randy Orton and Batista in recent years in WWE.

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