Paul Heyman discusses the challenge with Roman Reigns for WWE


Paul Heyman recently appeared on Catch Off to discuss WWE’s future plans with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Heyman currently serves as the special legal counsel to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Heyman has played an important role in Reigns’ year-long title run by ensuring that the Tribal Chief retained his championship by any means necessary.

On Catch Off, Heyman discussed Reigns’ current run in the WWE, terming it as the unprecedented evolution of a top superstar in the industry. Heyman asserted that the current narrative on SmackDown around Reigns is probably better than ever. The special counsel mentioned that it would be hard for any WWE Superstar to ever replicate Reigns’ level of greatness.

“How to successfully tell a global community that something truly special is going on here?” said Heyman. “That a transformative narrative is being told on SmackDown the likes of which has never been told before in sports entertainment, probably never will be told again. That a star, a superstar, a once ever superstar is emerging on SmackDown. A Tribal Chief. A best of the best, a best of the very best, is coming forward into the true hall of fame stretch of his career. It’s a level of greatness never before achieved and probably will never be achieved again.”

Paul Heyman continued by saying that WWE needed to perfect the art of broadcasting the message that Roman Reigns was in the prime of his career. He stated that everyone should be witnessing the greatness of the Tribal Chief.

“Informing a global community of that, in such trying times, is a daunting task for WWE and one that I dare suggest they need to perfect because everyone on this planet should have an opportunity to see the greatness being offered by Roman Reigns,” Heyman continued.

Paul Heyman belives Reigns hasn’t even scratched the surface yet

Paul Heyman declared that Roman Reigns’ dominant run hasn’t even reached its full potential yet. Heyman shared his belief that fans will look back at Reigns’ current run as the starting point for a Hall of Fame worthy career.

Heyman added that Roman Reigns is charting a new course, not just for WWE but for the wrestling business itself, at lightning speed.

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