Best & Worst of SmackDown after SummerSlam: 3 superstars getting a title push, Failed heel turn?

Both RAW and SmackDown after SummerSlam were quite impressive in their own right. While the Red brand wasn’t filled with any surprises or returns, it was simply a solid episode with good matches that stayed entertaining for the duration of three hours.

SmackDown had a much longer leash to work with. The biggest matches and moments on SummerSlam were from the Blue brand, proving WWE’s increasing need to prioritize it.

This wasn’t a night filled with surprises or returns either, but a lot happened regardless. Here were the best and worst parts of SmackDown:

#3. Best: Finn Balor and The Profits on SmackDown

Finn Balor is finally set to get his Universal Championship match after it was taken away from him. Balor was set to sign a contract on SmackDown guaranteeing him a Universal title shot at SummerSlam, but disaster struck involving Baron Corbin before John Cena signed the contract and secured the match.

Now that Roman Reigns is done with the Cenation leader, the first person to step up to his title challenge was none other than Finn Balor. But the first-ever Universal Champion didn’t want to wait.

He challenged Reigns to a match on SmackDown next week. Almost seconds later, he attacked Roman Reigns, only to get ambushed by The Usos.

However, this set up a run-in by The Street Profits, who saved Balor and seemingly started a feud with The Usos. That’s three superstars getting a title push in one segment. The Universal title match for next week was later confirmed by WWE.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out on the Blue brand next week. Finn Balor isn’t the only superstar interested in a Universal title shot. After defeating Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, Edge revealed that he intends to pursue the Universal Championship again.

Rollins is also intent on building his way back up. The Universal Championship picture is going to get crowded again in no time. However, this essentially confirms that Brock Lesnar won’t be returning for a while.

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