WWE SmackDown Preview: Brock Lesnar destroys Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch officially turns heel (August 27th, 2021)

WWE SmackDown has a good show lined up for fans this week. Between huge returns, great in-ring action, and shocking heel turns, there’s a lot that can happen on the Blue brand tonight. This is their first show since SummerSlam, and multiple significant developments are bound to make it a must-watch episode.

Here, we look at things that could unfold on WWE SmackDown this week. So without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 Brock Lesnar confronts Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown

Last Saturday, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against John Cena in a compelling main event. Unfortunately, The Tribal Chief could not celebrate his victory for too long as Brock Lesnar made a massive return to history-making pay-per-view. He walked into the ring while Reigns and Paul Heyman tried to recollect themselves after seeing a ghost from their pasts.

Lesnar didn’t confront Roman Reigns that night, but it has been confirmed that he will make an appearance on WWE SmackDown tonight. There is no escape for the Universal Champion, but The Beast Incarnate’s unparallel dominance isn’t the only threat. Lesnar used to be Heyman’s former client, and we might see the latter get torn into half as this feud progresses.

Brock Lesnar has always relied on Paul Heyman to do the talking on his behalf. He is evidently not a big fan of long promos and likes to rely on punches to assert his superiority. Lesnar will not waste a lot before launching an attack on Reigns and making a solid statement in the process. The Universal Champion won’t have an easy way out this time as he has enjoyed in his last few rivalries.

Reigns can employ The Usos to help him against Brock Lesnar, but we all know how that will end. There’s speculation that Lesnar’s return was a reaction to CM Punk’s arrival in AEW. The Beast Incarnate also received an incredible welcome from fans. It is highly unlikely that the creative team will book him in a weak light on WWE SmackDown after the response he received at SummerSlam.

Moreover, Brock Lesnar is one of the very few superstars who can pose a genuine threat to Roman Reigns’ title reign. He can win the Universal Championship and eventually face Bobby Lashley in a dream match at Survivor Series, but that’s still a long way to go. For now, all eyes are on the Blue brand that is prepared to witness Lesnar’s much-awaited appearance this week.

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