5 Controversial statements made by Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the biggest superstar in WWE today, at least among the full-time superstars. No superstar in WWE has received as big a push in the last six years, and Reigns’ five WrestleMania main events in six years prove exactly that.

Outside the ring, Roman Reigns has made a few controversial comments. Interestingly, not all of these were made after he turned heel. He was often considered one of the most hated WWE superstars during his push as a top babyface. On such occasions, making controversial comments didn’t help him.

Here are five controversial comments made by Roman Reigns:

#5. Roman Reigns takes a big dig at CM Punk ahead of his AEW debut

CM Punk made an incredible return to wrestling with his AEW debut
CM Punk made an incredible return to wrestling with his AEW debut

CM Punk’s AEW debut seemed to overshadow virtually everything else that happened in pro wrestling over the SummerSlam 2021 weekend. It was well-known that Punk was going to debut, although it was never fully confirmed.

Looking back at CM Punk’s debut at AEW Rampage, it’s interesting to analyze Roman Reigns’ comments before it happened. Reigns was interviewed by BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani, where he was asked about CM Punk’s past comments about him. He was also asked if he was okay with part-timers like John Cena coming in and receiving a title shot.

In response, Roman Reigns took a shot at CM Punk and said that he doesn’t move the needle the way John Cena or The Rock can:

“Those statements are coming from bitter people, you know, who possibly thought they were better than they really were,” said Reigns. “When it comes down to it, CM Punk was not as good or as over as a John Cena. [He] wasn’t as good or as over and moved the needle like The Rock. It just wasn’t what it was.”

This sparked a bit of controversy in the wrestling world. It didn’t help that CM Punk praised Roman Reigns as the best part of WWE just a couple of months before:

“I think a lot of times the best stuff, you’ve also kind of just gotta go with the flow with it,” Punk said during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast. “I’ll use Roman Reigns as an example, because if we’re talking about good stuff, if the WWE does anything good, I mean, this is the one thing that they’re doing right right now, right? Is Roman Reigns.”

Ultimately, it seems to be a topic of debate. Many argue that despite the controversial nature of Roman Reigns’ comments, there is truth to them. It is a fact that CM Punk isn’t a mainstream star in quite the way The Rock and John Cena are.

Roman Reigns went on to take a dig at CM Punk’s AEW debut, referring to SummerSlam’s viewership success:

Looking at it objectively, it’s possible that Roman Reigns was simply being a heel, knowing full well that he would get heat for his comments.

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