“They may have broke up too early” – Roman Reigns says WWE shouldn’t have broken up popular faction so soon


WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns thinks The Hurt Business faction in WWE was a good group and that their disbanding may have come too soon.

Roman Reigns, in his interview with BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani, was asked about WWE Superstars who may need to step up. The Tribal Chief believes Big E should probably take his game to the next level and highlighted how WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has shone since stepping out of the shadows of The Hurt Business.

Roman Reigns also thinks that the company may have broken up The Hurt Business a little too early:

“I don’t think we have quite as many groups or factions. Bobby Lashley is a great example. The Hurt Business, that was a good group, you know what I mean? It may have, you know, broke up a little too early. I don’t know, I wasn’t part of that process. Bobby Lashley is a bigger star now, whether they handled that whole path to get there properly or maximize that? I don’t know, that’s not my business, because I didn’t make it my business. But I just still think Bobby Lashley is that WWE Champion, when that spotlight’s on him, he looks like more money than he does when he’s surrounded by other guys,” said Roman Reigns.

The Hurt Business in WWE

The Hurt Business was formed in 2020 by Bobby Lashley and MVP, who had previously joined forces years ago in IMPACT Wrestling. MVP and Lashley tried to recruit a few Superstars to join the faction in WWE and finally added Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander to the group.

Alexander and Benjamin, though, were removed from the group earlier this year, just a few weeks after Lashley became WWE Champion.

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