What did Randy Orton say about Roman Reigns’ teeth?


Roman Reigns’ big return at SummerSlam 2020 last year took the WWE Universe by surprise in more ways than one.

Roman Reigns was not only showing heelish tendencies, but was also rocking a set of new teeth. Reigns’ new teeth became a hot topic among fans, and WWE legend Randy Orton also noticed the same.

Orton took to Instagram soon after and posted a hilarious photo reacting to Roman Reigns’ new teeth. Orton shared a photo of Brian Griffin, a popular character from the American animated sitcom named Family Guy.

Here’s what Orton stated in his caption:

Was really nice seeing #thebigdogromanreigns is back @romanreigns

Roman Reigns hit back at Orton soon after

Roman Reigns wasn’t going to let this one slide by and decided to fire back at Orton with an Instagram post of his own:

@randyorton If I was you… I’d be talking bout me too, cause nobody’s talking bout you. #GetYourNumbersUp

Roman Reigns’ on-screen persona completely changed following his SummerSlam return and fans finally got to see him turn to the dark side. Reigns went on to defeat The Fiend and Braun Strowman at WWE Payback 2020 to win the Universal title and has been holding the belt ever since.

Roman Reigns’ social media character has also changed drastically. He doesn’t hold back one bit while taking brutal shots at fellow superstars on Twitter or Instagram. Earlier this year, Reigns took a shot at Baron Corbin on Twitter and referred to himself as the former US Champion’s dad.

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns have faced off on various occasions in the past and both men are sure-fire future WWE Hall of Famers. Orton is one of the most hilarious WWE Superstars on social media, and it was quite refreshing to see that a fellow WWE Superstar fired back at him with full force for once.

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