SmackDown Results: Cena and Reigns engage in heated promo battle; New Champion crowned

John Cena kicked off SmackDown and called Roman Reigns a ‘D’. Cena said that he would give him an ‘F’ at SummerSlam because there was no way Roman could beat him and the crowd agreed.

Roman and Heyman walked out and faced off with Cena in the ring. Cena called Reigns out on SmackDown for thinking that this was his show and his company. The Cenation Leader came back because he is the only one who could shut him up.

The crowd in Tulsa sided with Cena before Roman asked him to be original and not rehash the same promos from his past career. Cena said that he knew Roman was going to beat him up a fair bit at SummerSlam but The Cenation Leader would beat him, no doubt.

Roman mocked Cena for thinking he was the best of all time before saying that Cena was not good enough for the Universal Championship before bringing up Nikki Bella. Roman said that he will send him back to Hollywood after beating him on Sunday.

Cena took more shots at Roman, saying that he caused Dean Ambrose to leave WWE on SmackDown. Cena added that all he had to do was hang in there after Roman beat him up in the ring and wait for the pin to beat him as he has done with his past opponents.

Apollo Crews (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Intercontinental Championship match on SmackDown

Apollo started off strong but was taken down by the King of Strong Style early on before taking a near fall off a knee strike.

Apollo managed to get the upper hand and slow Nakamura down before he was hung up on the corner for a knee to the gut on SmackDown.

Boogs got on the apron and played a guitar solo before the referee sent both him and Azeez out of the arena.

Apollo Crews (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Intercontinental Championship match on SmackDown (contd…)

After a break on SmackDown, Apollo got a near fall off a counter after blocking the Kinshasa but Nakamura kicked out. Apollo hit a German Suplex before Nakamura hit a Falcon Arrow and an inverted German Suplex.

Nakamura set up for the finish and hit the Kinshasa for the three count! Shinsuke beat Apollo to become a two-time Intercontinental Champ!

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura def. Apollo Crews to become the new Intercontinental Champion

Grade: B+

The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy on SmackDown

Montez and Gable started off the match and Gable went for an anklelock but Ford countered it. Otis was in next and took a dropkick before Dawkins tagged in. Dawkins took Otis to the corner but took a huge fallaway slam.

Gable was back in and they isolated Dawkins in their corner and Otis hit a huge spear. The Alpha Academy were talking to the referee when Dawkins came in and sent Otis to the outside.

Ford hit a massive dive on Otis, taking him out while Dawkins hit his finisher on Gable in the ring to get the win.

Result: The Street Profits def. Alpha Academy

Grade: C+

Seth Rollins sends a message to Edge on SmackDown

Seth Rollins was out next on SmacKDown and said that Edge was not there in the arena. He called Edge a narcissist for comparing Rollins to himself and showed us a documentary-style video package comparing himself to the Rated-R Superstar to prove how he is better than him.

Rollins said that Edge and the WWE Universe should be thanking him for not ending his career in 2014. He added that Edge got in the way of his title shot one too many times and at SummerSlam, he won’t hold back, even if he has to stomp Edge into the mat.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Roode & Ziggler on SmackDown

Rey kicked off the match against Roode and the Dirty Dawgs had the upper hand as they isolated the former WWE Champion. But Rey came back with a big senton and tagged in Dominik. Dom took a Famouser for a near fall before taking down Ziggler into the 619 position.

The Usos showed up on the Titantron to distract the Mysterios and Roode tagged in during the chaos, trying to attack Dom. But Rey shoved his son out of the way. Dom recovered and rolled up Roode for the quick win.

Result: Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. Roode & Ziggler

Grade: B

Baron Corbin was out next on SmackDown and said he was on track for bankruptcy. He asked the fans in Tulsa for a thousand dollars each and said that he had a credit card scanner with him.

Kevin Owens walked out and said that Corbin was embarrassing himself and asked him to stop begging for huge amounts of money. Corbin said that the only way he would leave the ring was if KO gave him $1000.

Kevin agreed but said that Corbin had to earn his money by beating him in a match right then. Corbin said he wouldn’t be in this situation if Owens wasn’t cheap. KO didn’t like it and hit a Stunner.

Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin on SmackDown

Corbin was taken down early and Owens hit a senton before taking him to the corner for some big strikes. Corbin took a cannonball for a near fall but managed to catch KO on the top rope before tossing him outside from the apron on SmackDown.

Corbin got some big strikes in the ring but KO blocked a DDT before Corbin reversed his powerbomb into a backdrop on the apron.

Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin on SmackDown (contd…)

Back after a break on SmackDown, Owens blocked a Superplex and hit the top rope senton for a near fall. Corbin hit a chokeslam for a near fall of his own before hitting the Deep Six.

Corbin tried to roll Owens up with his foot on the rope but KO kicked out. Corbin blocked a Stunner but KO managed to roll him up for the win.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Baron Corbin

KO hit a Stunner after the match, rubbing salt into Corbin’s wounds.

Grade: B

Backstage on SmackDown, Corbin was being interviewed by Kayla Braxton and looked like he had given up on himself before he spotted Big E’s Money in the Bank contract while E took like he was signing some merch. Corbin ran in and stole the briefcase, leaving the venue with it.

Will this be like last time when the Miz stole Otis’ contract?

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair were out next with Sonya Deville for the SummerSlam match contract signing.

SummerSlam match contract signing on SmackDown with Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair mocked Sasha on SmackDown for stabbing her in the back instead of just asking for a match. Sasha told her to ‘get real’ before they started yelling and Sonya said she was done with their drama and told them to sign the contract as SmackDown continued.

Banks refused to sign unless she had some ‘witnesses’. Carmella and Zelina Vega walked out next and joined Banks on her side of the ring. Banks taunted Bianca once more before they both signed the contract.

Belair realized it was a trap and attacked Banks, Vega, and Carmella before they could attack her. Belair managed to clear the ring and sent Carmella outside but Banks came in and hit a backstabber before setting her up on the table in the ring and smashing her head into it before standing over her with the title.

Banks sent a painful message to the champ
Banks sent a painful message to the champ

Banks locked in the Banks Statement with Bianca’s braids before SmackDown went off the air.

Grade: B

With just over a week to go before SummerSlam, things are heating up on SmackDown. Cena and Reigns had a face-off while Sasha and Bianca signed the match contract for SummerSlam. Rollins had a message for Edge and Shinsuke picked up the Intercontinental Title in a big victory over Apollo.

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