Seth Rollins responds to John Cena and Roman Reigns segment

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins took to Twitter to seemingly respond to the verbal exchange between John Cena and Roman Reigns. The uncut war of words between Cena and Reigns attracted eyeballs from across the wrestling industry and Seth Rollins was no exception to this.

SmackDown started with John Cena calling out Roman for being a failed byproduct of the system. The WWE Universal Champion did not take these comments too well as he walked down to the ring aided by his counsel, Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns took a personal shot at Cena when he referenced Cena’s breakup with former women’s champion Nikki Bella. John Cena responded by saying that Roman had been protected by the Shield. Cena added that Roman almost ruined Seth Rollins and even ran Dean Ambrose out of the company.

While Seth Rollins did not mention names in his tweet, he did hint at the fact that the 16-time world champion was using his brand to further the narrative for the upcoming Summerslam clash between Reigns and Cena. Rollins also declared that he was never threatened by the two titans and rather, he was thriving in his own space.

Here is an excerpt from Cena’s promo:

“You haven’t been embarrassed. You’ve been protected. This pretty face. Those giant bars of soap you got for teeth. You’ve been protected, Roman. You’ve been protected by The Shield. Hell, you almost ruined Seth Rollins. You ran Dean Ambrose out of WWE.”

Seth Rollins issues a grave warning to Edge

With Edge absent from this week’s SmackDown, Seth Rollins took to the ring to deliver a message that he was better than Edge. Seth Rollins assured everyone present that he would not hesitate as he did back in 2014 and put an end to their rivalry by coming out on top. Rollins made it clear that he would stomp Edge’s neck into the mat even if it meant that it would put Edge on the shelf for good.

Do you think Seth Rollins will take down Edge at Summerslam? Or will the Rated R Superstar find a way to put away the SmackDown Saviour? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.

Check out the following video, where Sportskeeda’s Kevin Kellam and Sid Pullar III talk about the news surrounding John Cena and Roman Reigns ahead of SummerSlam:

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