5 WWE Superstars who could be the next face of the company

Although John Cena’s return to WWE is great, it highlights a fundamental problem with the company that is inherent to RAW and SmackDown. Even though it’s been able to create immortal figures and characters in the past, it hasn’t been able to do so for a long time now.

That said, WWE is certainly not lacking in talent at all. There are quite a few superstars who could certainly rise to the main event spot and become the face of the company if they’re booked right.

We will highlight a few of them in this article and you can are welcome to share your thoughts about them in the comments below. If you think we’ve missed out on one or more of them, be sure to sound off, reader.

#5 WWE SmackDown star Finn Balor

Finn Balor is almost there! The good news is that WWE has come to terms with the fact that even though he may not necessarily be the biggest dog in the fight, there’s just an X-factor that Balor has that makes him stand out. It may also be that every time he smiles, many a woman has been known to go weak in the knees.

The only reason he’s so very low on this list is that he’s 40 years old. While that is by no means an age where a performer hangs up his boots, the others may have a lot more years to etch their names as top stars. That said, Balor’s best run may still be awaiting him on SmackDown, considering he’s being booked with top stars.

Yes, he’s a lot smaller than the prototypical face of WWE. But he’s got every other ingredient you’d want in a top star for the company!

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