Top RAW News & Rumors: Superstar got major backstage heat for becoming WWE champion, Big name blamed for Wyatt’s release, Lesnar vs Mahal?(11th August)


Welcome to another edition of the top RAW News and Rumors.

After weeks of disappointing fans, this week’s RAW showed major improvement. Not only did former WWE champion Randy Orton’s return breathe fresh air into the product, but all the other superstars came together to give the fans a memorable RAW.

With the build towards SummerSlam moving forward, WWE has announced some big matches for RAW. These include Goldberg challenging Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship and Damien Priest taking on Sheamus for the US title.

In today’s edition, we will take a look at some interesting news and rumors coming out of the red brand and what it could mean going forward:

#5 RAW Superstar Sheamus reveals why he got a lot of backstage heat


RAW superstar Sheamus recently spoke to Ryan Satin on his podcast Out of Character. He revealed that people backstage were not stocked when he won his first WWE Championship in 2009. Sheamus became WWE Champion just three months after making his debut on RAW by beating John Cena.

Sheamus revealed that people backstage were not happy with his win. He said he got immense heat backstage, further adding that getting heat backstage means that you are doing your job right.

”There was a lot of people who were p****d off with the situation that happened. A lot of guys had been there for years and never had that opportunity. The fact that when I won [laughs], the heat! The heat! So much heat, mate, so much heat. So much heat I thought I was going to get sunburnt in the backstage area,” said Sheamus.

Though Sheamus’ immediate push did not sit well with some people, The Celtic Warrior has proven himself to be an asset for WWE over the years. He has held the WWE Championship on multiple occasions and is currently the United States Champion on RAW.

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