WWE Rumor Roundup – More releases coming, Current RAW superstar wanted in AEW, Massive hint on Bray Wyatt’s next move (8th August 2021)


We welcome you back to another stacked edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we take a look at all the top stories in professional wrestling.

NXT suffered another massive blow in the form of talent releases recently, but WWE might not be done with its budget cuts just yet. The latest backstage report regarding the future of the WWE roster doesn’t invoke a lot of positivity, to say the least.

WWE’s mass releases have not stopped AEW from onboarding talent, as Tony Khan has signed many established names since the turn of the year. A recently hired AEW star is reportedly looking to get a current RAW superstar over to Khan’s company.

The latest WWE rumor roundup also features an interesting note that could hint at Bray Wyatt’s ‘landing spot’.

We ended the roundup with all the details of Vince McMahon’s ‘high-level’ meeting with a top WWE superstar.

#5 More WWE releases are expected to happen

As reported earlier, WWE released 13 NXT Superstars recently that featured a few heavily-pushed names from the black and gold brand.

A high-ranking official told Fightful Select that releases would be a ‘regular occurrence’ in WWE. While the roster cuts are expected to continue, they won’t happen at the same frequency or scale going forward.

Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast also confirmed the rumor of more releases being on the way. Dave Meltzer also alluded that WWE might still have a few more wrestlers to release during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio.

2021 has already been a rough year for professional wrestling as WWE has released over 50 wrestlers since January.

Fightful added that the company was looking to move away from a “talent-stashing” mode and explained how the COVID-19 pandemic halted WWE’s expansion plans in its report.

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