Who is “Black John Cena”?


“Black John Cena” has become an instant sensation on Twitter and social media. A man by the name of Brendan Cobbina recently posted a throwback photo of himself on Twitter, after which it went viral.

Cobbina, a fitness trainer, became the latest viral sensation thanks to his resemblance to John Cena. He even prompted the 16-time WWE World Champion to take a look at the photo.

This caught the attention of John Cena himself, who reposted Cobbina’s photo on Instagram without a caption. Interestingly, Cena’s Instagram account is based on photos, usually without any major context.

In this case, most people seemed to be aware of the context, with the post being interpreted as his acknowledgment of “Black John Cena.”

When looking at Brendan Cobbina’s Twitter account, it’s clear that he has embraced the memes. With over 64,000 likes, the tweet quickly went viral within a few days.

What does “Black John Cena” Brendan Cobbina do?

Brendan Cobbina resides in London, UK, and is the owner of “OmegaMuscles.” He is also a bodybuilder.

Even R-Truth, who jokingly idolizes John Cena on-screen, had something to say about the resemblance between the multi-time world champion and Cobbina:

With his roles in recent movies like Fast & Furious 9 and The Suicide Squad, the real John Cena will be busier and more in demand in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, his latest WWE run has been entertaining, and it’s expected to culminate at this year’s SummerSlam event, where he will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in a blockbuster main event.

One can only imagine that “Black John Cena” Brendan Cobbina will be rooting for the former franchise player of WWE, or – as some now refer to him – Cena’s “long lost brother.”

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