5 Former WWE Superstars who don’t want to return

Professional wrestlers train for most of their lives to be handed a chance to work for WWE and sometimes that dream is cut short too soon. There have been mass cuts to every roster in WWE in recent months, with 12 Superstars from NXT released just last night.

Whilst there have been a number of stars who surprisingly want to make their return to the company despite recently being cut, there are others who have made it clear that their career with WWE is over.

The following list looks at just five former WWE Superstars who have noted publicly that they don’t want to make their return to WWE at any point in the future.

#5. Former WWE Champion CM Punk

CM Punk hasn’t appeared in a WWE ring in more than seven years, but the former World Champion’s name is regularly headline news. Punk was fired from WWE on his wedding day for breach of contract and it appears that there are still some grudges held.

In recent weeks, the self-proclaimed Best in the World has been linked with a move to AEW alongside fellow former WWE star Daniel Bryan. Whilst nothing has been confirmed as of writing, in an interview with Sports Illustrated back in April, Punk made it clear that he didn’t want to return to WWE for one specific reason:

“I don’t need the money. And the way the wrestling business is now, it’s wacky. You’ve got WWE, who has multiple billion-dollar television deals, and the television’s awful, I go back there, I’m just another guy. And it’s not even that – I’d be just another guy that’s doing not-good television.I want to do stuff that’s good. I want my name attached to quality projects, where it’s fun and it makes people laugh, smile, think and people don’t hate watching it. I want to do fun stuff.”

CM Punk has noted in the past that he would be open to discussions with any promotion and has been linked to several promotions in the past. That being said, it’s likely that if Punk made his wrestling return anytime soon, it would be for All Elite Wrestling.

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