“I wasn’t invited”- Ex-WWE star films himself outside Alexa Bliss’ home during her birthday party


Mojo Rawley filmed a hilarious clip outside Alexa Bliss’ home during her birthday party and posted it on his Instagram Story.

The WWE RAW Superstar hosted a party for her close friends and Mojo Rawley was one of the guests. Rawley can be seen enjoying Bliss’ party in his latest Instagram stories. He decided to have some fun at the expense of Alexa Bliss though, and stated the following in the final story that he posted:

“Happy birthday Alexa Bliss… I wasn’t invited to your party but I showed up to creep from the outside nonetheless.” read the text on the story.

You can check out the story on Mojo’s official Instagram handle HERE. You can also watch the video below:

Mojo Rawley and Alexa Bliss are close friends in real life

Mojo Rawley and Alexa Bliss are good friends and this isn’t the first time that Rawley has ‘crept up’ on Bliss. Mojo’s fans may have watched several backstage WWE videos on YouTube where he can be seen creeping up on Alexa Bliss while she’s busy working.

Mojo Rawley was a WWE mainstay for about nine years and his biggest moment came at WrestleMania 33 where he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It looked like Rawley was in for a big push following his WrestleMania win, but nothing came of it.

He spent the better part of his later years as a lower-card act on the WWE roster. Rawley did find some success while teaming up with Zack Ryder on WWE TV for a brief period. He was released by WWE back in April, after being on the sideline for 10 months.

As for Alexa Bliss, she has done it all in the business and is one of the most successful female superstars in WWE history. She has won several Women’s titles across RAW and SmackDown, and is a former Women’s Money In The Bank winner as well. Alexa Bliss is currently engaged to American musician Ryan Cabrera.

The Sportskeeda Wrestling community wishes Alexa Bliss a very happy birthday!

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