5 greatest managers in WWE history

In the world of WWE, managers are mouthpieces assigned to enhance the presentation of a wrestler or a name. In the olden days, it was not uncommon for a manager to be the real-life manager of their clients. An example is Paul Ellering, who handled real-life managerial duties for The Road Warriors alongside leading them to in-ring battles.

These days, managers are solely on-screen figures, used to build wrestlers that lack promo skills and serve as a mouthpiece for wrestlers with an inability to speak English. They are, often aligned with heels, and cause interruptions and distractions to help them.

Managers are an integral part of the business. At one point they almost completely vanished from WWE storylines, although recently they have made a comeback. MVP, Robert Stone, Malcolm Bivens and Scarlett are associated with managing a single or a team of WWE talents on the current roster.

Without further ado, let us look at five greatest managers in the history of WWE.

#5 Paul Bearer famously managed The Undertaker in WWE

Paul Bearer
Paul Bearer

The highlight of Paul Bearer’s entire career is connected to the lore of The Brothers Of Destruction. After a brief stint with Brother Love, The Undertaker gained Paul as a manager, strengthening his gimmick. With real-life experience as an embalmer and a mortician, Bearer promptly deciphered the basics of the gimmick and The Undertaker thrived with him by his side.

It led to one of the most famous manager-wrestler interactions in WWE history. Bearer supposedly procured supernatural powers for his client through the usage of an urn. The lore led to the arrival of Kane, and while it became increasingly convoluted, it remained a popular part of WWE television.

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