WWE SmackDown Preview: No escape for Roman Reigns, Finn Balor joins the party, 11-time world champion destroys top heel (6th August, 2021)

The week is drawing to its end, and all eyes are on WWE SmackDown. The Blue brand has arguably established itself as an “A-show” in wrestling. The biggest feuds are expected to see significant developments on the show tonight as we inch closer to SummerSlam 2021. From unexpected twists to jaw-dropping action, we are looking forward to an entertaining episode.

Let’s take a quick look at things that can transpire on WWE SmackDown tonight. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 John Cena confronts Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

John Cena steals title match against Roman Reigns
John Cena steals title match against Roman Reigns

Last week on WWE SmackDown, Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Finn Balor met inside the ring to sign their contracts for a title match at SummerSlam 2021. However, Baron Corbin attacked Balor out of nowhere right before he could ink the dotted line. Soon after that, John Cena rushed to the ring and attacked Corbin before turning his attention towards The Tribal Chief.

Cena then signed the contract to replace Balor, and the match was soon made official. Paul Heyman tried to convince Adam Pearce that the contract was meant for Balor, and Cena’s signature isn’t valid, but things didn’t change. Now, Roman Reigns has no option left but to cross paths with John Cena on WWE SmackDown.

The Universal Champion initially rejected Cena’s title challenge and said he is bored of seeing the 16-time champion still relying on his decade-old antics. John Cena believes that he doesn’t need to change if he is still entertaining. Both superstars share a long history, and this feud is about to dig up many graves on WWE SmackDown.

It is vital that Reigns does a convincing job while standing across from Cena inside the squared circle, especially during their promo wars. There’s been a lot of trash talk over the last few weeks, but it will only get better when they stand face to face. Most importantly, we have Paul Heyman eagerly waiting for his opportunity to engage in a battle of wits with John Cena on WWE SmackDown.

We could see a frustrated Reigns addressing Cena’s methods to secure a title opportunity. The latter wouldn’t let go of an opportunity to finally confront The Tribal Chief. This title feud could deliver several epic moments in the weeks leading up to SummerSlam 2021, and the creative team shouldn’t wait too long to involve Roman Reigns and John Cena in intense segments.

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