“I’m a Vince guy” – Former superstar will reject AEW offer due to his loyalty to WWE (Exclusive)

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Kiley Jr, F.K.A. Alex Riley, revealed on the latest episode of UnSKripted that he would reject an AEW offer due to his loyalty to WWE.

Alex Riley spent nearly nine years with WWE until his release in 2016 and was mainly known for his skills on the microphone. When asked if he would accept an offer to do commentary work for AEW, Alex Riley stated that he would politely turn down the proposal.

The former FCW world champion stated that he was a ‘Vince McMahon guy’ and would return to work for the man who built his character in pro wrestling.

“If I need to, or they want me there, I’m WWE, through and through. That’s where I need to go with that. I’ve said; I’ve said that before. I’m a Vince guy! I’m a Vince guy, and I stay loyal. So, if I ever return, if and when I ever return, I will stay loyal to the man that built me,” revealed Riley.

Former WWE star Alex Riley on his relationship with the Rhodes family and a possible return to wrestling


Alex Riley explained that he isn’t too focused on wrestling right now as his priorities are family and setting up his business. While Riley isn’t interested in an AEW role, the former WWE star noted that his decision didn’t stem from any problems with the Rhodes family.

Alex Riley recalled being mentored by Dusty Rhodes in WWE’s developmental system, and he also had nothing but love and respect for Cody.

Riley added that he was a WWE loyalist and would courteously refrain from doing business with All Elite Wrestling.

“With all due respect, absolutely not,” Riley added, “With all respect to everybody in that business. I would not accept that because I just, I’m on a different path right now, and I want to remain on that path. I want to focus on my CBD company. My family, okay. My family has been very important to me, always has been. So, politely, I would decline that, but not to say I won’t end up somewhere in the wrestling business in the future. I don’t know. I’m 40 years old. I still consider myself a very young man (laughs), maybe not as young but certainly able to come back. Dusty Rhodes? Right? Created me, inside out, genius. I mean, he pulled me aside and put his arms around and me and started saying, ‘Come on, Kevin, it’s time to sit under the learning tree.’ What a beautiful man. And I love Cody, and I love that family. But I stay true to my word always, and I’m a WWE loyalist, loyal character, loyal whatever it is!”, said Kevin

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