Top RAW Rumors & News: Reason why former world champion has quit, Bray Wyatt replaced? Randy Orton’s absence (4th August)

Welcome to another edition of the top RAW Rumors & News which could have a big impact on the red brand. The biggest story coming out of RAW this week is the release of two big names who were featured prominently on the show – Bray Wyatt and Ric Flair.

It has been said that Bray Wyatt was ready for his return in August. Ric Flair, meanwhile, seemingly asked for his release as he was having some creative issues with Vince McMahon. In today’s edition, we will take an in-depth look at the release of these two former world champions among more interesting topics.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the biggest stories related to Monday Night RAW:

#5. Reason why RAW legend Ric Flair decided to quit WWE

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Ric Flair’s departure from RAW and WWE as a whole. Flair was featured heavily in a storyline involving his daughter Charlotte Flair and his protege Lacey Evans earlier this year. He was also a prominent part of the storyline between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton last year.

It was reported that Flair had some creative issues with Vince McMahon which led to him asking for his release. Speaking to People, Ric Flair himself clarified all the rumors about his release and gave the real reason:

“We(Him and Vince McMahon) just didn’t see eye to eye on some business opportunities that I wanted to pursue, so I asked for my release. There has been no animosity and everything has been on friendly terms.”

Flair also talked about his future and what he plans to do now that he is no longer under WWE contract:

“It was a mutually agreed-upon decision and I will be moving forward to pursue other exciting endeavors such as my own line of wine, my own network, as well as comic books. I had to make this decision personally for my business and my brand.”

Do you think Ric Flair made the right call by choosing to quit WWE? Tell us in the comments section.

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