What happened to the Sara tattoo on The Undertaker’s neck?

The Undertaker has an incredible set of tattoos all over his body, whether it’s on the back of his neck, lower abdomen, or more. In many cases, his tattoos matched his persona while also paying tribute to important aspects of his life.

One such example is his “BSK Pride” tattoo in his lower abdomen, which paid tribute to his “Bone Street Krew” days backstage in WWE during the 1990s. But perhaps his most painful tattoo, physically and emotionally, was the “Sara” tattoo that he had on his neck.

His “Sara” tattoo was covered up after his divorce, with it now simply being a sketchy chain.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker’s cover-up tattoo seen

The Undertaker was married to his wife Sara Frank for six years between 2000 and 2007. It was his second marriage and Sara was even included as a part of his storyline with Diamond Dallas Page.

Unfortunately, he and Sara would divorce after having two daughters by 2007. The neck tattoo could be seen clearly during his run as The American Badass, Big Evil, and even his return as The Phenom.

However, after the divorce, he needed to cover up the painful neck tattoo and did so by having a chain drawn over it.

Things eventually worked out for The Undertaker

The Undertaker met his third wife Michelle McCool in WWE. They would get married in 2010 and they’ve been together for 11 years since. The Phenom was strict throughout his WWE career about not breaking character and his relationship with McCool was only acknowledged during his first retirement in 2017.

After that, his marriage was used as a part of his final storyline against AJ Styles in 2020, where he returned to The American Badass persona for his actual retirement match.

Since his retirement, he has been in the public eye a lot more out of character.

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