“He’s gonna be champion” – Former WWE star predicts Big E’s title win

Ricardo Rodriguez has no doubts that Big E will follow up his Money in the Bank victory by becoming a WWE World Champion.

Big E won a ladder match at WWE Money in the Bank last month to earn the right to challenge for a WWE World Championship. The 35-year-old has previously been a Tag Team Champion (x8) and Intercontinental Champion (x2) but he has never held the WWE or Universal Championship.

Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta recently spoke to Rodriguez, who worked for WWE between 2010 and 2014, about several WWE topics. Regarding Big E, Rodriguez said the New Day member’s potential was obvious from the beginning:

“He’s definitely one of those, you know he has that potential,” Rodriguez said. “You know that he can be that person. It took long enough. He could have been in that position a couple of years ago, but I’m glad that he finally got it because he does deserve it.

“He works hard, and I know we always say, ‘Oh, he’s a hard worker.’ But if you actually know Big E, he really is a hard worker. He puts in a hundred percent every single time. I’m glad that he finally got it. It should’ve been done years ago, but I’m glad he finally got it. He’s getting his moment. He’s gonna get it, he’s gonna be champion. We all know he’s gonna be champion.”


Watch the video above to hear Ricardo Rodriguez’s thoughts on Alberto Del Rio, Big E, RVD, and many more past and present WWE stars.

Big E’s WWE appearances since his Money in the Bank win

Ricardo Rodriguez faced Big E in 2013
Ricardo Rodriguez faced Big E in 2013

Big E has an entire year to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on either the WWE or Universal Champion. So far, the SmackDown star has not revealed whether he plans to target Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship or Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship.

Since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, Big E has participated in a multi-man brawl involving Apollo Crews and several Intercontinental Championship contenders. He also teamed up with Cesaro and King Nakamura to defeat Crews, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode on this week’s WWE SmackDown.

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