4 final Triple H storylines we want to see

As we know, Triple H isn’t as active in the ring as he used to be. Triple H’s focus is behind the scenes at WWE, and working on the NXT brand. When ‘The Game’ does lace up his boots, he makes sure it’s the right match and storyline.

More recently, we’ve seen Triple H team up with his wife Stephanie McMahon to face Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle in a star studded mixed tag team action. His last match was in 2019 against his former Evolution buddy Randy Orton at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. 2020 was the first year Triple H had not wrestled at all since his career began.

If Triple H were to get back in the ring, or feature prominently in a storyline, it would have to be something that would be huge and get people talking. That being said, let’s take a look at the four final Triple H storylines we want to see.

#4. Triple H officially taking over WWE

Triple H at the Crown Jewel press conference on Friday Night SmackDown
Triple H at the Crown Jewel press conference on Friday Night SmackDown

It has been widely confirmed that Vince McMahon will be on the WWE throne until the day he passes. On-screen, Triple H is known to be the COO (Chief Operating Officer) but not officially the man in-charge. What if there became a time, on-screen, that Triple H was to take full control of WWE, and major changes were made to the product? It could happen.

It would certainly shake things up and send WWE in a completely different direction. Of course, it would be far from the The Authority days, but this could be something that could rejuvenate the whole product. It is also worth noting WWE may need to elevate further, especially with rival All Elite Wrestling seemingly growing at a rapid rate.

Triple H has been leading the NXT brand for some years now, and his control has been widely praised. NXT went from doing shows at Full Sail University to eventually selling out arenas.

Triple H’s philosophy works. If that was to be let loose on the main roster, even if it was just on-screen with him calling the shots in that manner, then we’d be all for it.

Of course, WWE would have to answer to shareholders, sponsors, stockholders and a whole plethora of people. A new direction with Triple H as the ‘Chairman’ of the company would be cause for some interesting conversations, with Vince still in-charge behind the scenes.

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