“That’s how Sting got hurt by Rollins” – Major concern over Daniel Bryan joining AEW revealed (Exclusive)

Daniel Bryan is on his way to AEW based on all the rumors swirling around on the internet. CM Punk is also expected to follow his former WWE colleague into signing a deal with Tony Khan’s company, and the enthusiasm over the imminent debuts is quite palpable.

Amidst all the excitement, there is also a certain degree of concern regarding Daniel Bryan’s safety in AEW. During the latest “Writing with Russo” episode, Vince Russo revealed his fears over AEW’s in-ring style being dangerous for Bryan’s health.

The former world champion has had to retire due to severe concussion issues, and his return to wrestling was seen as a miracle.

While Bryan has stayed away from injuries during his renewed run as a performer, Russo was unsure about AEW being the ideal destination for the leader of the ‘YES Movement.’

Russo said Daniel Bryan would have a tough time saying no to potentially risky spots in AEW. The former WWE head writer recalled Sting suffering a neck injury during his match against Seth Rollins in 2015.

Russo explained that Sting and the people involved in the planning of the match could have removed certain moves. However, he said that Sting, being new to WWE, would not have wanted to reject any plans.

Vince Russo added that Daniel Bryan could face a similar situation as Sting if he joins AEW.

If the former head writer was the agent of Daniel Bryan’s potential AEW matches, his priority would be to safeguard the respected wrestler’s health. Russo also wouldn’t shy away from dismissing ideas.

Here’s Vince Russo talking about his biggest concern regarding Daniel Bryan:


“Bro, I’m telling you, that’s how Sting got hurt by Rollins. Rollins laid out all that stuff to Sting, and Sting, at his age, knew this really isn’t a good idea, but because he just started in WWE, yes, but see. That’s where Rollins has to, ‘No, bro, this guy is 50 something years old.’ It’s the same thing here. But bro, they are not going to think about that. They are going to think about the match and the four stars from Meltzer, and Daniel Bryan is not going to say no because I just came here, I want to show these guys I’m a team player, and bro, I don’t think there are Vince Russo types that are going to stand there and looking out for his health and saying, ‘Na bro, we really don’t.’ That’s what I’m worried about, bro because this guy has had serious injuries.”

What are your views on AEW’s pro wrestling style? Could it prove to be hazardous for Daniel Bryan’s in-ring career?

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