5 WWE Superstars who could replace Paul Heyman as Brock Lesnar’s advocate

Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract expired in 2020 following his WrestleMania match against Drew McIntyre.

The former world champion lost to the 2020 Royal Rumble winner. He then left the company as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to cause WWE issues for the remainder of the year.

Restrictions have now seemingly been lifted. It appears that now would be a good time for Brock Lesnar to make his return to the ring to pick up where he left off.

WWE has opened the door for Lesnar and there have been several teases regarding a return for The Beast Incarnate in recent weeks. The only issue surrounding Lesnar’s return is the fact that Paul Heyman is now aligned with Roman Reigns on SmackDown. So who could step in to be the new advocate for the former World Champion when he returns to WWE?

The following list looks at just five potential candidates in WWE at present who have the pedigree to lead Brock Lesnar to several more championships.

#5. Current WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin could be Brock Lesnar’s new advocate

Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar have been friends since their college days and were even roommates at one point. The two men joined WWE and came through the ranks in FCW together before their careers went in completely different directions.

Despite this, the two stars have remained close and Benjamin is still contracted to WWE at present. The former Tag Team Champion knows Lesnar as well as Paul Heyman and would be able to help him in ways that no one else in WWE could.

Benjamin has also proved that he can deliver on the mic when needed. Whilst this would be a huge change for Lesnar since he’s used to having Heyman by his side, it would also be a massive boost for Benjamin. The former member of The Hurt Business has been stuck in a loop on WWE TV since being kicked out of the group. He could do with the career boost that being Brock Lesnar’s advocate would do for him.

Of all the choices in the company at present, Benjamin would be the ideal candidate and perhaps Lesnar’s personal choice to be by his side when he makes his return.

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