WWE SmackDown – Best and worst- 3 Big returns, 3 major debuts, Mistake with former Money in the Bank winner, Should Seth Rollins have won?

WWE SmackDown could have been better. There were so many obvious flaws during the show that could have been handled in a better manner, to make everything more palatable to fans.

However, when all was said and done, WWE SmackDown was certainly a much easier watch than RAW this week. A show that secured record low ratings, filled with lame (no pun intended) crutch fighting, sword stealing, and storytime with uncle Drew angles. Yes, there were logical flaws during this show as well, but it did seem like some thought did go into everything.

For a show to be more enjoyable than RAW is certainly a very low benchmark but yes, WWE SmackDown was that and more. So let’s look at what worked and what did not in this week’s ‘best and worst’ article.

Be sure to sound off in the comments. Feel free to let us know what you feel even if you disagree with the views expressed in this article.

#3 Best/Worst: WWE SmackDown star Cesaro loses when it matters one more time

They desperately needed a heel in the Money in the Bank ladder match because Big E, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura are all strong babyfaces. Throw in Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Riddle, and you have far too many babyfaces.

So, Seth Rollins winning this big WWE SmackDown Money in the Bank qualifier match was probably the right call, in this instance. That said, did it have to happen against Cesaro, who’s yet again on the verge of greatness but not quite there? Couldn’t he have defeated some other babyface and gotten this opportunity instead?

Hopefully, Cesaro can rebound in a big way and bounce back once again. Let’s pray, if you believe in that sort of thing, that he doesn’t slide down the ranks again.

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