5 top superstars WWE nearly fired

WWE has been the ultimate destination for the majority of wrestlers in the industry for decades. Independent wrestlers train hard and try to up their game hoping to get noticed by the largest wrestling company in the world responsible for churning out some of the best wrestling talent.

While many have gone on to make it big in WWE, others have struggled and failed. Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal are some of the major superstars who were released by the company before they returned to win the WWE Championship.

In recent years, WWE has also been forced to release some superstars as part of budget cut measures. Meanwhile, there are many big names in WWE today that were on the verge of getting fired. These superstars worked hard to prove their doubters wrong and continued to make it big.

Let’s take a look at the five top superstars who were nearly axed by WWE years ago.

#5 Elias came close to being fired by WWE multiple times

WWE has some great mid-carders who have the potential to become future headliners for the company. Elias is one man who has the potential to become a top superstar for WWE. He has the looks, physique, and talent to make it big in the company.

Elias has had his fair share of big matches in WWE. However, he has also been part of several questionable storylines in the company. The Drifter’s NXT career wasn’t too great either, and he came close to being fired a few times.

While appearing on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Elias revealed that his name was on the list to be fired multiple times in NXT. However, he managed to make it out of the Black & Gold brand and make a name for himself on the main roster.

“One thing that I became very aware of when I got there [to WWE] was that the people that said no at my tryout were now running, they were now in charge of my job. And their minds didn’t change, you know what I mean? Their minds didn’t change. William Regal, he always had said yes, and he liked me, and he got me through. But the people that said, ‘No, this guy ain’t for me,’ well they were now running the show, and they’re in charge. I was put on the list to be fired multiple times in NXT for whatever reason. I was made aware two different times, which you can imagine, walking into work every day knowing that that guy right there wants to fire me, that really, it makes you, it’s just everything. You could be working on eggshells, you could be working extra hard because you’re like, ‘No you ain’t gonna take it away from me now.’”

Elias has locked horns with several top superstars, including Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. The Drifter’s been on the main roster for over four years now and has been slowly making a name for himself.

Will Elias finally get a big push to reach the top of the RAW or SmackDown brand? Only time will tell.

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