Former writer pinpoints when WWE should have first turned Roman Reigns heel

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been one of the hottest stars in pro wrestling since his heel turn. Reigns has so far squashed every opponent set in front of him and the Head of the Table is set to face WWE legend Edge at the Money In The Bank PPV.

Speaking on the It’s My House podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo discussed the success of Roman Reigns’ heel turn. Russo felt that WWE missed the boat by not turning the current Universal Champion a few years ago. Russo revealed when he would have turned Reigns heel if had been in charge.

“I said it when it happened, and I’m not even sure what year we’re talking about, we’re talking about a couple of years back. Remember when Roman Reigns, I think it was in Philly, won the Royal Rumble and the people booed him out of the building, remember that? I said that night that if I was writing the show and they were booing Roman out of the building, if I was Roman, I would have stepped up to the second rope and flipped off that entire Philly crowd, for a couple of reasons. Number one, you know that’s what he wanted to do and number two, that was the perfect situation. It always seems with these things that WWE, whether it be Vince McMahon or whoever, are a couple of years behind. If they would have done that with Roman back then they would have been off to the races,” said Vince Russo.

Roman Reigns could be facing John Cena at WWE SummerSlam

With Roman Reigns at the top of the game right now, rumors suggest that WWE is planning to bring back John Cena to face him for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

The Cenation Leader recently stated that he wants to make his return to WWE and feud with The Tribal Chief could be a box office hit.

Although nothing has been confirmed so far, the rumors have been gaining steam in recent weeks.

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