WWE SmackDown – Best and Worst- Current star goes missing, 2 mistakes with Roman Reigns, New gimmick for a former Champion?

Firstly, it’s great to be back writing WWE SmackDown reviews again, bringing you the best and worst of the WWE product once more. Special thanks to Rohit Nath for holding the fort for the long duration this author was away.

Coming back to the show at hand, WWE SmackDown is still the same as it has always been – fast-paced, easy to watch, with a few inherent booking issues. It’s clearly the best weekly product the company puts out, as it feels significant, has a sense of purpose, and does not drag on endlessly like its Monday night counterpart.

If you’re going to watch WWE SmackDown based on this review, we recommend that you go right ahead. It’s certainly one of the best ways to spend your Friday night if you’re watching television.

Of course, your views are welcome. Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts about WWE SmackDown this week. Do you agree or disagree with this author’s assessment?

#1 Best: WWE SmackDown star Jey Uso goes missing

Okay, who else was surprised at the sight of Jimmy Uso standing next to Roman Reigns after the main event? Something wasn’t right about the visual, and a lot of fans even anticipated an attack!

The best kind of stories are the ones where you do not have all the answers and certainly, the mystery of where Jey Uso is one such conundrum. Will he return to WWE SmackDown and align himself with his cousin and brother again, or will he embark on a new route?

So many questions lie unanswered right now. Rey Mysterio vs. Roman Reigns may have been the WWE SmackDown main event this week, but the real highlight was the Anoa’i family drama.

It may be the best thing in wrestling at the moment.

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