5 Things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown before Hell in a Cell: Big betrayal to take place before Money in the Bank, Major HIAC match result spoiled?

Welcome to this week’s edition of things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown. It was an enjoyable go-home episode of SmackDown to Hell in a Cell and just like the last pay-per-view, the blue brand has done better with the build.

The SmackDown before Hell in a Cell was special because it was announced that the match between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio was going to happen on free TV rather than the pay-per-view.

While we’ll cover all the segments, Seth Rollins vs Cesaro was made official for Hell in a Cell and the two had a sit-down backstage that ended with the latter shoving Rollins down. That aside, let’s look at what happened on SmackDown this week:

#5 Roman Reigns remains on top of SmackDown, but what’s next?

Roman Reigns has a shadow looming over him
Roman Reigns has a shadow looming over him

As quickly as Roman Reigns’ SmackDown feud with Rey Mysterio started, it also ended. Mysterio challenged Roman Reigns to a Hell in a Cell match this Sunday. However, it was confirmed a day before this week’s SmackDown that the match would be shifted to the blue brand on FOX and not the pay-per-view.

It was a bit of a surprising decision, but another match had the Hell in a Cell stipulation from SmackDown. Rey Mysterio first came out on SmackDown to ensure that the match was happening and Roman Reigns confirmed that it would.

It was a tense build to the main event, and once things began inside the cell, Roman Reigns found himself on the back foot. In this historic Hell In A Cell match on SmackDown, Roman Reigns managed to overcome Rey Mysterio.

It wasn’t up there with the all-time great Hell in a Cell matches, but it wasn’t bad either. What isn’t flattering is seeing several commercial breaks in the middle of a Hell in a Cell match.

Either way, another notable incident was the absence of Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso came up to Roman Reigns and said that while he doesn’t agree with everything he says, a lot of what he does is right. His duty was to find the absent Jey Uso, but he couldn’t.

Ultimately, Jimmy Uso came out and raised Roman Reigns’ hand. A huge betrayal seems to be brewing. Otherwise, why would Jimmy Uso freely go to his cousin? Perhaps that’s the direction for Money in the Bank 2021.

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