WWE SmackDown: Top 5 performers on last show before Hell in a Cell – former Universal champion pinned, new King crowned (June 18, 2021)

WWE SmackDown’s go-home show before Hell in a Cell 2021 was quite an interesting one. Two new matches from the blue brand were added to the upcoming pay-per-view card. As confirmed by WWE, Kevin Owens will face Sami Zayn, and Cesaro will face Seth Rollins on Sunday night. The show was solid from start to finish, but a few superstars impressed us more than others.

In this article, we will take a look at the top five performers on WWE SmackDown. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 & #4 Kevin Owens and Big E (Tag Team match on WWE SmackDown)

Kevin Owens and Big E were impressive together
Kevin Owens and Big E were impressive together

This week, Kevin Owens and Big E teamed up to take on Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez. The match also marked Azeez’s in-ring debut, and he even managed to pin KO for the win. Despite losing their match, Kevin Owens and Big E looked impressive inside the ring. They worked brilliantly as a tag team, teasing a potential alliance on WWE SmackDown down the line.

Ahead of the match, Owens praised Big E, but the latter was hesitant on returning the favor. Instead, he recalled the time when Owens betrayed The New Day before assuring everyone that they could work together. Their chemistry was entertaining to watch, and it helped them compete as an efficient tag team. They also picked their moments to hilariously mock their opponents throughout this match on WWE SmackDown.

Both KO and Big E worked in complete sync, playing on each other’s strengths. Although they enjoyed dominant spells throughout the match, Sami Zayn’s interference led to Owens taking the pinfall. Both Superstars have been feuding on WWE SmackDown for a long time. Hence, Zayn was willing to make things extremely difficult for his former best friend.

Big E and Kevin Owens came across as entertaining babyfaces. They should be involved in more rivalries with other heels on the blue brand. Both have tried to dethrone Crews as the Intercontinental Champion, and both have failed. There are several other challenges on WWE SmackDown for them to explore. Hopefully, one of those will eventually help push them into the Universal Championship picture.

As for Crews and Azeez, they also worked well as a tag team. The latter’s debut performance was decent. His Nigerian Nail, out of nowhere, helped him in taking Kevin Owens out of the equation. Azeez picked up a big win on WWE SmackDown by pinning the former Universal Champion. It is now time for him to add more credibility to his gimmick by competing inside the squared circle more often. This match did well in focusing on five superstars and their respective issues simultaneously in order to put forth an engaging narrative.

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