“You have no choice”- Former WWE Superstar challenges John Cena to a match

Former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has challenged John Cena to a match via his official Instagram handle.

It has been well documented in the past that Alex Riley and John Cena had backstage issues back when both men were mainstays on WWE TV. Alex Riley shared a bunch of posts on his Instagram handle in which he challenged WWE legend John Cena to the first-ever “Sports Entertainment Union Match.” Riley also made it clear in one of the posts that Cena “has no choice” but to face him in the squared circle.

Riley’s latest post states that if John Cena cares about the future of pro-wrestling then he will face him in the ring for “the truth”. Check out all three posts below:

Alex Riley accused John Cena of costing him his WWE push

Alex Riley worked for WWE between 2007 and 2016 and was used as a mid-card act for the better part of his career. He is mostly known for his time as The Miz’s sidekick. Riley had backstage issues with John Cena and believed that the former WWE Champion cost him his push in WWE.

“I will put it this way; there was an incident, and it definitely changed the path in my career. I don’t want to discuss it right now, but I will one day for sure. It was a tough situation at times, we can leave it at that.” -Alex Riley on The Ross Report

Former WWE agent Arn Anderson confirmed the same on his podcast last year:

“But there’s a famous story that he was offered some help from John Cena,” said Anderson, “and he seemed less than enthused or interested which would have immediately made it’s way back to the locker room and to the office. I’m sure it was around that time that his water got cut off.”

It is highly unlikely that John Cena will ever respond to Alex Riley’s challenge. Many fans in the comment section accused Riley of trying to get back in the spotlight by taking John Cena’s name.

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