The Fiend and Edge advertised for upcoming WWE shows; dates revealed

It has been a while since fans saw Edge and Bray Wyatt on WWE programming. However, according to on-sale ticketing promo material, the two stars are set to return to WWE in the coming months.

It was first noted by Sean Ross Sapp of that The Fiend was advertised for the August 9 episode of RAW. As for the Rated R Superstar, he is being promoted for the September 3 episode of SmackDown.

Both of these names have a lot of star power, so their presence could help WWE once live fans return. It will be interesting to see how the two fan-favorites fit back into the WWE roster.

When was the last time The Fiend and Edge were on WWE TV?

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

At WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Randy Orton. But whereas Orton moved on to his tag team with Riddle, Wyatt hasn’t been seen since shortly after WrestleMania. On WWE RAW the following week, he announced that he’s looking forward to a fresh start, but he hasn’t been seen since.

Edge, on the other hand, was last at WrestleMania, where he faced Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship. The match ended after The Tribal Chief connected with a Con-Chair-To on Edge. The champion then stacked him onto an unconscious Daniel Bryan and pinned them both for the win.

Recent reports state that Edge will be returning to SmackDown as a babyface after his hiatus. Edge has stated on multiple occasions that he’s willing to share the ring with the younger stars to create some fresh feuds and rivalries. At this point, there are plenty of heels he could work with on SmackDown. WWE is going on tour starting July 16 with fans in attendance, so it seems like The Fiend and Edge will return in front of a live crowd sooner rather than later. Are you excited to see these two stars return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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