Backstage reason Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns was removed from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view- Reports

In a surprising move, WWE has announced that Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns will take place on SmackDown this week instead of Hell in a Cell this Sunday. This is an unprecedented move by WWE. Moving an advertised pay-per-view match to SmackDown doesn’t make much sense.

Rey Mysterio had challenged Roman Reigns to face him inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday. The feud began when The Tribal Chief assaulted Mysterio and his son Dominik after the father-son duo were about to beat Reigns’ cousins The Usos in a tag-team match.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that backstage discussions led to the decision to move the HIAC match to SmackDown. Roman Reigns is not expected to be a part of the HIAC event, which could be a reason for the match being moved up:

”As far as what happened, there’s no involved reason that made any sense. The word we were told is that you can’t describe why, there were just a bunch of discussions on Thursday and the discussions ended up with ‘Let’s do it on Smackdown.’ As of press time, the plans were for Reigns to not be wrestling on the pay-per-view,” said Meltzer.

Reason why WWE wanted Roman Reigns to face Rey Mysterio

The report also stated that there were never any plans for Rey Mysterio to win the Universal Championship. The primary reason why Reigns was set to work with Mysterio was so that they could build him up even further as a heel:

“This match seems more about putting Reigns in with a great worker and allowing him to play bully heel, give Rey some hot spots and near falls, but in the end I don’t think anyone expects Reigns to lose,” Meltzer explained.

Leaving Roman Reigns, their star performer, out of the upcoming pay-per-view is a head-scratching decision by the company. It is a very unexpected call by WWE.

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