WWE Rumor Roundup- Released superstar’s stunning comeback, The Rock’s return opponent revealed, Brock Lesnar credited for saving a wrestler’s life (13th June 2021)

We’re back for another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup and today’s lineup strictly features top-tier names. The rumor mills have worked overtime in the last 24 hours, and we have some massive stories to dissect.

The most talked-about story of the lot is in regards to WWE’s reported plan to get back a recently released superstar.

We also have several updates on The Rock’s return. While The Great One could soon be back for a non-wrestling appearance, Dwayne Johnson could also be in line for a high-profile match.

The roundup can’t be complete without Brock Lesnar, and there are tons of details on the Beast Incarnate’s status. A former WWE star also revealed how Brock Lesnar saved his life during their match. We end the roundup with WWE’s potential SummerSlam plans for Edge.

#5. Samoa Joe could be headed back to WWE, possible roles in NXT

Samoa Joe’s WWE release on April 15th earlier this year shocked almost every wrestling fan. Joe was considered a valuable asset for the WWE, and it seems like the company could be paving the way for his return.

Sean Ross Sapp reported on Fightful Select that there were rumblings backstage about Samoa Joe’s NXT return. While no specific figurehead was mentioned, there were discussions amongst NXT talent and staff members on Friday.

Samoa Joe is one of the few released stars who people in WWE have been pushing to be brought back.

The report stated that more than half a dozen NXT talents and another wrestler from outside the company have heard about WWE’s interest in having Joe return for a wrestling role. Samoa Joe was also spotted at the WWE Performance Center this week; however, the purpose of his visit wasn’t revealed in the report. It should be noted there is no confirmation of a deal being signed between WWE and Samoa Joe.

At this point, the wrestlers and personnel backstage are speculating about Joe’s return, and some believe that it will happen. SRS stated that WWE is open to having Samoa Joe in a variety of roles at NXT.

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