The Rock states his pick for the most important match in WWE History

The Rock is considered to be one of WWE’s biggest stars. Even outside of the wrestling business, he has garnered a lot of fame. His success is matched only by a few.

Despite being away from the squared circle for quite some time, The Great One keeps up to date with the happenings of WWE and from time to time, also shares his thoughts on different wrestling-related topics.

Earlier today, WWE On Fox’s Twitter account tweeted out an image asking fans to name what they thought was the most important match in WWE history. The Rock decided to weigh in and named Hulk Hogan vs Iron Sheik from 1984 as his option.

“Hogan vs Sheik. NYC. Garden. 1984. (seminal match with historic implications and a legit bounty thrown in the mix)” said The Rock.

The match took place at Madison Square Garden and marked Hulk Hogan’s first WWE Championship win. The victory also set in motion Hogan’s run as the top star of the company which revitalized professional wrestling as a whole.

Hulkamania became a worldwide phenomenon as wrestling started to pick up steam.

Moreover, it was alleged that during that match, a bounty was placed for Iron Sheik to legitimately break Hogan’s leg so that he could not wrestle again. However, the aforementioned rumors have been denied by some of the parties involved yet it remains a controversial matter to this day.

Nonetheless, with everything considered, the bout itself had a great story, with Hogan becoming the first person to ever break free from Iron Sheik’s famous Camel Clutch.

The Rock has surely named a strong contender for what could be the most important match in WWE history.

The Rock’s last appearance in WWE

The Rock lands a punch on Baron Corbin
The Rock lands a punch on Baron Corbin

The Rock’s last WWE appearance came in 2019 on SmackDown’s 20th anniversary show. The People’s Champ had been an integral part of the blue brand during its early years.

During the historic episode, The Rock cut a promo alongside the most popular WWE superstar at the time, Becky Lynch. The Great and Lynch was interrupted by King Corbin, who unluckily found himself at the end of a beating from the two fan-favorites.

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