2 Reasons why Rey Mysterio should dethrone Roman Reigns & 3 reasons he shouldn’t

Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio will not just clash at Hell in a Cell, but they will destroy one another inside the Cell as well. Two veterans who’ve seen it all will now tell the story of a father, enraged at the treatment of his son by a megalomaniac who will do whatever it takes to win.

Roman Reigns has been the face of Friday nights for a really long time. Rey Mysterio has been a fan-favorite since the 90s when he blazed his legacy in the fabled Cruiserweight division of WCW.

Either man will be a great Universal Champion (one of them is) but in this article, we shall measure the pros and cons. Why should Roman Reigns retain his Universal Championship? Why should Rey Mysterio capture the most prized possession on the SmackDown brand?

Let’s talk about both sides of the story.

#1 Roman Reigns should defeat Rey Mysterio because he’s the best in the business right now

Roman Reigns is the end-all and be-all of sports entertainment. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said as much during a recent podcast.

“I’ve said for the last three years that Roman (Reigns) is the best guy in the business just because he’s a guy that goes out and performs at a very, very high level but everyone that work(s) with Roman, they have their best match. They come up another level.” said Booker T

To WWE’s credit, they’ve ensured that Roman Reigns hasn’t lost a singles match back since he returned to the company and won the WWE Universal Championship. It may not be the best decision, under these circumstances, to have Rey Mysterio defeat him to capture the title he so proudly wears.

Roman Reigns has done it all in WWE, but somehow, this stint is special.

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