R-Truth reacts to Roman Reigns confusing Jey Uso with Jimmy

R-Truth had an epic reaction to Roman Reigns mistakenly addressing Jey Uso as his brother, Jimmy, on last week’s SmackDown.

The Usos took on Rey and Dominik Mysterio for the SmackDown Tag Team titles on the previous edition of the blue brand. The contest ended when Dominik rolled Jimmy for the win. However, the replay showed that the latter managed to raise his shoulder during the three-count.

Roman Reigns was beyond furious at The Usos for losing Rey and Dominik and confronted the twins in his lounge. Reigns referred to Jey as Jimmy during the closing moments of the segment and the latter wasn’t happy one bit over the mistake. Even though Jey corrected Roman, The Tribal Chief made a sly remark before walking away.

“The way things are going, does it matter anyways?” said Roman Reigns to Jey Uso.

WWE on FOX’s official Instagram handle uploaded the clip and the post got a response from none other than R-Truth.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion said that Roman Reigns had “an R-Truth moment”. Check out the screengrab of the response below.

R-Truth reacts to Roman Reigns
R-Truth reacts to Roman Reigns’ hilarious botch

R-Truth isn’t a stranger to such instances of confusion

R-Truth is widely regarded by fans as one of the most hilarious acts in WWE history. His amusing antics with the 24/7 Title back in 2019 garnered a large number of social media views every week.

Truth was a comedy character long before the 24/7 title was introduced by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley in mid-2019. Fans might remember how R-Truth brought a ladder inside the ring during the 2016 Royal Rumble match as he mistook the contest for a Ladder match for the WWE World Title.

He realized his mistake upon finding nothing above the ladder and was eliminated by Kane. You can watch the moment in question plus several other hilarious R-Truth moments in the clip below:


What was your reaction to Roman Reigns addressing Jey Uso as Jimmy? Sound off in the comments!

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