Former WWE Tag Team Champions AOP break silence on retirement rumor

There hasn’t been much news about the former WWE RAW and NXT Tag Team Champions AOP (aka the Authors of Pain) since their release from the company in September 2020.

Recently, some reports began going around suggesting that Akam and Rezar had left the wrestling business altogether.

According to the rumor, a wrestling promoter who wanted to book AOP was told that the former RAW Tag Team Champions had retired from in-ring action. The reports even suggested that both men were working regular jobs.

However, these reports have been squashed by Akam and Rezar. Both members of the AOP have now tweeted a message saying their in-ring careers are far from over.

Akam was the first to respond as he posted a picture of both members of AOP in front of an NXT ring, along with their former manager, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering.

He had a short and sweet message to reassure the fans and put to rest any doubt about their in-ring careers.

“Ain’t Done Yet B*****s…. @AlbanianPsycho @PaulElleringWWE #prowrestling,” said Akam of AOP.

You can see Akam’s tweet here.

Rezar quickly reshared the image and delivered the same message in his tweet as well.

What is AOP planning for their future?

While the AOP has squashed rumors about them retiring, neither man has revealed any further information regarding future plans.

Reports which suggested their in-ring retirement also stated a few wrestlers from a few notable companies made inquiries about bringing in the Authors Of Pain. Apparently, feelers were sent to companies like AEW and NJPW. However, both promotions decided to pass on AOP for the time being.

With WWE gearing up for shows featuring a live audience, the company may be interested in bringing the two behemoths once associated with Seth Rollins back on board.

Will we ever see AOP back in the WWE ring again? If so, do you think they would bring Ellering back with them? Share your comments down below.

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