Backstage reports of a “push” to bring Aleister Black back to WWE- Reports

On June 2, 2021, WWE announced the release of a number of wrestlers including Aleister Black, who has since gone on to publicly address the release. He has expressed his gratitude towards the company and has been thankful for his time in WWE. Based on recent developments, there seems to be a “push” of sorts backstage to bring Aleister Black back to WWE.

Many were shocked to learn of his release, including personnel close to Vince McMahon. Black himself was taken aback and took to Twitter to express his reaction to his release:

Recent reports have disclosed that people backstage in WWE have been active about Black’s release. It was reported by Mike Johnston of PWInsider that there have been discussions backstage regarding Black’s untimely release from WWE and it has led to a demand to bring Aleister Black back to WWE.

Moreover, according to the same report, backstage personnel believe that of all of the recent releases, Black came as the biggest shock to them.

What’s next for Aleister Black after WWE?

Aleister Black had just recently returned to TV after a seven-month-long hiatus from wrestling. There was no particular reason for him not being on TV apart from the fact that creative did not have anything for him.

On April 23, 2021, Aleister Black appeared for the first time in over half a year in the form of a pre-taped vignette. This led to a chain of vignettes that featured Aleister Black talking about the new character ‘The Dark Father’.

After a month of Black speaking to the audience through these vignettes, Black finally made an appearance in the flesh on an episode of WWE SmackDown and cost Big E the Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, Black was released from WWE shortly thereafter.

Black has now reverted to his old moniker, Tommy End, which he used primarily on the independent wrestling circuit before signing with WWE. There are currently a number of options available for Tommy End including AEW.

Tommy End has recently named several wrestlers he would want to face and a number of them are currently signed to AEW.

Another exciting option present for Tommy End is New Japan Pro Wrestling which could lead to some fascinating fixtures. What do you think is next for Tommy End after his release from WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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