Erick Rowan has a message for The Rock five years after getting squashed at WrestleMania 32 (Exclusive)

The Rock’s last official wrestling match happened at WrestleMania 32 against Erick Rowan. Most fans don’t even consider the six-second squash a “match” because The Rock was barred from taking any bumps due to his contractual obligations in Hollywood.

Erick Rowan, also known as Erick Redbeard, recently appeared on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone, and the former WWE star opened up about sharing the WrestleMania stage with The Great One.

Rowan said that Rock was a “nice guy”, and he wished that the Brahma Bull would have been allowed to take some in-ring punishment that night.

Despite getting beaten within seconds, Erick Rowan considered himself to be in a really good spot on the WrestleMania card.

The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion explained that he would have been in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal or catering had he not been booked for the WrestleMania angle with The Rock and John Cena.

Erick Rowan even had a message of gratitude for The Rock. The former Wyatt Family member was thankful for The Rock because he got to experience a unique WrestleMania moment instead of being left unused on the biggest show of the year.

“Nice guy,” said Rowan. “I wish his movie he was doing would have let him take a shot (laughs). But, you know, it was a good spot to be in because if I wasn’t doing that, I’d be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale or catering. Thanks!”


“I clearly did not get paid like the rest of his opponents” – Erick Rowan on facing The Rock

The Rock and John Cena in WWE
The Rock and John Cena in WWE

Rowan concluded by joking about how he got paid less than The Rock’s other legendary WrestleMania opponents.

“I always joked that there are a certain number of people who have had a match with The Rock at WrestleMania, I was one of them, but I clearly did not get paid like the rest of his opponents (points at the camera and laughs),” Rowan added.

Erick Rowan is one of the lucky few WWE Superstars who have shared the squared circle with The Rock at WrestleMania. While he may have lost, the bout will remain The Rock’s final wrestling match until the day he potentially makes his in-ring return.

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