5 WWE Superstars that were legitimately knocked out

There are several perceptions when it comes to professional wrestling, but the moves that WWE stars deliver in the ring can often have serious health repercussions.

Accidents often happen and it appears that all of these stars suffered their injuries as a result of an error in front of a live crowd. Unlike many sports, WWE matches are not won via knockout, but there are times stars are revealed to have suffered concussions during their matches, and they then need medical attention afterwards.

There have been times in the past when WWE has scripted a star being knocked out as part of a feud, but the following list looks at five times that WWE stars legitimately blacked out.

#5. Goldberg is knocked out by a ring post at WWE Super ShowDown in 2019

Goldberg was once seen as one of the toughest stars in the business, his undefeated streak was unmatchable and he walked away from the sport as a legend.

In recent years, the former WCW star has resurfaced in WWE and has been able to lift the Universal Championship on two separate occasions. Goldberg became such a huge name in the business during his first stint that The Undertaker personally asked for a match against the former Champion at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia back in 2019.

It wasn’t the match that either man had prepared themselves for since there were several botches throughout and both men were lucky to walk away without severe injuries.

Goldberg himself Tweeted after the match to confirm at one point that he was knocked out. This came after the former WCW star was thrown into the ring post by The Deadman but instead of taking the bump on his shoulder, he took it clean on his head.

Goldberg also landed on his head after a Tombstone to The Undertaker which probably didn’t help matters. The star went on to finish the match but it was clear following the collision with the ring post that Goldberg was struggling because many of his moves were awkwardly delivered and he almost dropped The Undertaker on his head when he delivered the Jackhammer.

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