Paul Heyman names two WWE stars who are underrated for their promos

Paul Heyman has named two current WWE stars, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, aka The Street Profits, as being underrated for their promos.

The Street Profits are currently a part of SmackDown, having been drafted to the blue brand last year. The duo has risen up the ranks in WWE quickly since making their main roster debut in 2019.

They have held both the RAW and SmackDown tag team titles once, and also held the NXT Tag Team titles when they were in the black and gold brand.

In his most recent appearance on Virtual Highspots Meet and Greets, Paul Heyman was asked about a current WWE Superstar who is most underrated for their promo skills.

Heyman named both members of The Street Profits and stated that the duo had not even “scratched the surface of how great they are.”

“I think both answers would be The Street Profits. I don’t think — and they get a lot of credit for being great promos. I don’t think they’ve even scratched the surface of how great they are yet. Both of them [Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins]. The rhythm between the two of them is just magic.” (H/T Post Wrestling)

Paul Heyman’s influence on The Street Profits’ WWE career

Paul Heyman and The Street Profits on RAW
Paul Heyman and The Street Profits on RAW

The Street Profits have thanked Paul Heyman in the past for helping them in WWE, and they’ve previously stated that they owe their “lives” to Heyman.

“I would like to say I owe Paul Heyman my friggin’ life man. I know both me collectively, me and Dawkins, owe him pretty much our lives. He has always been there since day one. I remember specifically the first time we encountered Paul Heyman and him just giving us a wealth of knowledge.” said Montez Ford.

The duo has also revealed that Heyman had advised them to be themselves and that Heyman knows exactly what works in pro wrestling.

Do you agree with Paul Heyman that the Street Profits are most underrated for their promos? Which WWE Superstar do you think is most underrated for their promos? Let us know in the comment section below!

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