5 Things WWE subtly told us on RAW: 22-Time Champion to turn heel after 5 years, Big title change to take place soon?

RAW had yet another bizarre ending this week. It was the penultimate episode of RAW before WWE Hell in a Cell 2021, and it wasn’t the best way to hype the pay-per-view.

Eva Marie returns next week on the RAW before Hell in a Cell, while Mansoor defeated Drew Gulak, continuing to get advances from Mustafa Ali. The biggest topic of discussion was the Alexa Bliss-Shayna Baszler segment at the end of RAW, where Bliss and Lily haunted the former Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Here are some things WWE subtly told us on RAW:

#5. Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley will go to Hell, but there could be another twist

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley had their official contract signing on RAW, which is where the Scotsman declared that he wanted no interference and that the match should take place inside Hell in a Cell.

MVP was quick to accept his challenge, and the contracts were then signed. It was a tense segment, but things didn’t break out as contract signings usually do on RAW (or WWE, in general).

McIntyre used his sword to slice the table, which is perhaps the coolest way to do it. It was a short segment, and it wasn’t even the focal point of the show. However, there was something that happened that we found quite interesting.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston was with Xavier Woods and he was met by MVP, who told him that before he was a Bobby Lashley supporter, he was big on Kingston. MVP praised him for his 2019 WWE title victory and becoming a Champion that he could truly relate to.

This backstage segment on RAW had a lot more weight than many fans may have first realized. Kofi Kingston has been a babyface for more than five years now. It was a big tease for him to potentially turn heel and join The Hurt Business. He went on to defeat Riddle later on RAW.

Will Kofi Kingston have a role to play in the WWE title match at Hell in a Cell?

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