Theft takes place at WWE Thunderdome; Police call for witnesses

For the past few months, WWE has been operating out of the Yuengling Center in Florida, with the arena being used to host the WWE ThunderDome era of RAW and SmackDown.

With the COVID19 outbreak seemingly coming under control, WWE had indicated that they plan to return to touring soon. This would mean a departure from the Yuengling Center and a move away from the ThunderDome towards live crowds.

However, WWE’s farewell to the venue that it’s called home for a number of weeks has been marred by a crime that took place recently.

The University of South Florida Police Department recently took to social media to call for witnesses to the theft of WWE property that had taken place at the arena, including photos of the perpetrator.

Whilst it’s unclear what exactly the suspect took from WWE, the photos clearly show a large duffel bag which could have anything in it from merchandise to ring gear. However, it also looks like the suspect has managed to snag himself a title belt of some kind, whether it’s a replica or the real deal is unknown.

From the photos it looks like the belt may be the United States Title belt which would usually be around Sheamus’ waist or shoulder. However, the Celtic Warrior is currently out injured with a broken nose.

Past issues with security in WWE

WWE has had security issues surrounding some of its venues in the past, particularly when it comes to the safety of its talent. Last year, a man broke into the Performance Center, before eventually being arrested.

The recent security breach does raise concerns about how secure WWE property and personnel are if someone can not only stroll into a venue, but also take off with a bunch of WWE things.

If you happen to be reading this article from around the Yeungling Center and you remember seeing someone matching the description above, do get in contact with the USFPD to hopefully reunite WWE with the things that were taken.

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