WWE RAW: 6 reasons why R-K-Bro are an instant hit – Big reality check for the roster, fans finally get what they want?

A few weeks ago, WWE RAW witnessed Randy Orton and Riddle coming together to form a surprising new tag team, R-K-Bro. The creative team took a bold decision that surprised the WWE Universe, and it certainly took the fanbase by storm. From predicting potential betrayals to visualizing a successful run, R-K-Bro has managed to get people talking.

In this article, we will take a look at a few reasons why R-K-Bro are an instant hint and how the creative can use them to improve WWE RAW.

#1 R-K-Bro drew much-needed attention towards the WWE RAW Tag Team division

R-K-Bro can revive the entire WWE RAW Tag Team division
R-K-Bro can revive the entire WWE RAW Tag Team division

WWE RAW has had its fair share of criticism in the recent past owing to its relatively non-engaging content. The Red brand’s tag team division took a massive hit, and we have barely seen anything memorable over the last few months, barring AJ Styles and Omos’ win at WrestleMania 37. Even after that, the entire division is more stagnant than ever.

R-K-Bro has the potential to break the curse of monotonous feuds in the tag team division. They have single-handedly managed to get the much-needed attention towards the WWE RAW Championship picture. Of course, they are bound to feud with a few teams before they go after the titles, but the creative team undoubtedly wants to push them towards the gold.

Except for The New Day, no one can pose a credible threat to the reigning WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles, and Omos. However, Randy Orton and Riddle can build enough momentum to dethrone them and kickstart a new era for the Red brand with the right booking. It will also give the writers enough time to build more tag teams and ultimately revive the division.

#2 The chance to see a long-term storyline on WWE RAW

This looks promising on WWE RAW
This looks promising on WWE RAW

It has been a long time since we saw a thoroughly engaging long-term booking on WWE RAW. The creative team either wastes a feud with repetitive narration or drops the storyline altogether after months of build-up. But that would not be the case if someone like Randy Orton is involved. Currently, he is portraying a gray character, and his equation with Riddle is improving with each passing week.

Together, Orton and Riddle can transform into a dominant tag team on WWE RAW. There is a betrayal on the cards, but the creative team will have a long time to build up to a potential heel turn. Orton and The Original Bro can convince the viewers about the authenticity of R-K-Bro as a unit. They are both entertaining performers in the ring as well as on the mic.

Randy Orton’s history of betraying his most trusted partners will always draw a cloud of doubt over this team. It’s a big challenge for both members of R-K-Bro to prove their mettle as a functional duo, and fans are excited to see how they will approach the overall narration on WWE RAW. This could finally give us a good heel vs. heel match, something that WWE actively avoids.

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