WWE SmackDown: 1 superstar who flopped and 4 who impressed – Big blunder with The Usos, Roman Reigns to feud with 15-time champion next? (June 4th, 2021)

This week, WWE SmackDown delivered quite an entertaining episode. The Blue brand had more positives than negatives, and the writers mostly did well in advancing crucial storylines ahead of the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. We saw interesting developments in top feuds, and needless to say, the show was miles ahead of its Monday counterpart.

In this article, we will take a look at superstars who impressed on WWE SmackDown last night and those who didn’t.

#1 Impressed on WWE SmackDown: Jey Uso

Jey Uso is amazing at story-telling
Jey Uso is amazing at story-telling

This week on WWE SmackDown, The Usos got the opportunity to challenge Rey and Dominik Mysterio for the tag team titles twice. Both teams first met in the opening match of the show, and all four superstars looked impressive. However, Jey Uso deserves a special accolade for his role tonight as the storyline progressed throughout the episode.

Before their first match, Roman Reigns spoke with his cousins and wished them the best of luck for the match. But he also warned them about not embarrassing him and their family by losing in an important match. He also reminded Jey about impending doom. Next, we saw The Usos engage in an epic match with The Mysterios on WWE SmackDown.

Jey Uso did exceptionally well reading each of Rey Mysterio’s moves and devising quick but effective counters. It helped him maintain dominance for most of the match. His brief ringside brawl with Dominik was also well-executed. Not to forget, The Usos looked well and truly back, mainly because Jimmy Uso showed glimpses of his old self on WWE SmackDown. That said, he is understandably taking it slow.

Dominik managed to pin Jimmy for the win in the closing moments of this match, but it was an incorrect decision. The match official didn’t see that his shoulder was up, and hence, The Usos got another match. Both teams once again faced each other in the main event of WWE SmackDown, and Jey Uso once again looked like the most vicious superstar inside the ring.

However, this time again, Rey and Dominik Mysterio came close to pinning Jimmy Uso. Thus, Roman Reigns decided to interfere, and he took out the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions. He first took Rey Mysterio out of the equation and then continued to brutalize Dominik. Jimmy refused to aid Reigns in his monstrous plan, but Jey Uso stayed in the ring.

The latter’s conflicted mind was convincingly put on display as he contemplated choosing between Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso. He can align with his brother or continue his dominant run as Reigns’ right-hand man. Jey Uso will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in this narration as we advance, and he is doing incredibly well in keeping the fans invested in this WWE SmackDown storyline.

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