Tom Phillips reacts to Adnan Virk leaving WWE after 43 days

Former WWE commentator Tom Phillips has admitted he was surprised that Adnan Virk only lasted 43 days as RAW’s lead announcer.

Virk, who has two decades’ experience in sports broadcasting, was confirmed as Phillips’ replacement on April 12. After a difficult six weeks in the job, WWE announced on May 25 that the 42-year-old had mutually agreed to part ways with the company.

Speaking on the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch, Phillips gave his reaction to Virk’s short spell at the announce desk.

“I was [surprised], to be very honest,” he said. “Because I’ve seen so many different people come and go at different levels of the announce team and different spots of the announce team, so I won’t speak to necessarily in terms of what he was going through, because that’s what his experience was, so I can’t really speak to that, but it was fast.

“But, that being said, he has so many other things that he does in conventional sportscasting, conventional sports, whatever you wanna call it, where he is so talented, and he’s gonna do just fine. I don’t need to say that – he knows that.”

Tom Phillips added that he used to watch Adnan Virk several years ago on ESPN’s SportsCenter show. While his own WWE release took him by surprise, Phillips said he “got it” when he heard that Virk had been hired as his replacement.

Jimmy Smith is RAW’s new commentator after Tom Phillips and Adnan Virk

Tom Phillips worked for WWE for nine years
Tom Phillips worked for WWE for nine years

While Tom Phillips stopped working as RAW’s lead announcer in April 2021, his departure from WWE only came to light last week.

WWE also announced last week that former UFC commentator Jimmy Smith had replaced Adnan Virk as the latest addition to the RAW announce team.

Jimmy Smith’s commentary received largely positive feedback from WWE fans after this week’s RAW. According to Wrestle Votes, members of the RAW production team were “absolutely thrilled” with Smith’s debut.

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